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Fruit - Wikipedia


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Анкоры текстовых ссылок: Jump to navigation; Jump to search; Fruit (disambiguation); Culinary fruits; botany; seed; flowering plants; ovary; flowering; seeds; symbiotic relationship; seed dispersal; nutrition; [1]; agricultural; apple; pomegranate; apples; bananas; grapes; lemons; oranges; strawberries; bean; corn; kernels; tomatoes; wheat; [2]; [3]; fungus; spores; [4]; 1 Botanic fruit and culinary fruit; 2 Structure; 3 Development; 3.1 Simple fruit; 3.2 Aggregate fruit; 3.3 Multiple fruits; 3.4 Berries; 3.5 Accessory fruit; 3.6 Table of fruit examples; 4 Seedless fruits; 5 Seed dissemination; 6 Food uses; 6.1 Storage; 6.2 Nutritional value; 6.3 Food safety; 6.4 Allergies; 7 Nonfood uses; 8 Fruit flies; 9 See also; 10 References; 11 Further reading; 12 External links; Venn diagram; citation needed; fruit; vegetable; savory; [5]; nut; [6]; cucurbits; cucumber; pumpkin; squash; eggplant; legumes; beans; peanuts; peas; pepper; tomato; spices; allspice; chili pepper; rhubarb; pies; petiole; [7]; gymnosperm; ginkgo; pine nuts; cereal; rice; caryopsis; [8]; Fruit anatomy; [9]; drupe; nectarine; ripening; image page; gynoecium; [10]; ovules; megagametophyte; [11]; double fertilization; pollination; zygote; [12]; [13]; endosperm; drupes; [14]; inferior ovary; petals; sepals; stamens; style; accessory fruit; [15]; taxa; Dewberry; pistils; drupelet; aggregate fruit; pistil; dehiscent; [16]; achene; strawberry; capsule; Brazil nut; cypsela; capitulum; dandelion; fibrous drupe; coconut; walnut; follicle; milkweed; magnolia; legume; pea; peanut; loment; indehiscent; beech; hazelnut; acorn; samara; ash; elm; maple; schizocarp; carrot; silique; radish; silicle; shepherd's purse; utricle; berry; cranberry; gooseberry; redcurrant; apricot; cherry; olive; peach; plum; [17]; Magnolia; peony; Sweet gum; Sycamore; Teasel; Tuliptree; pome; Rosaceae; pears; rosehips; saskatoon berry; [18]; Schizocarp; dehisce; Lilium; Aggregate fruit; flower; Clematis; Ranunculus; Calotropis; Rubus; Annona; [19]; [20]; raspberry; bramble; blackberry; [21]; achenes; [22]; Multiple fruit; inflorescence; [23]; pineapple; fig; mulberry; osage-orange; breadfruit; noni; fertilization; Berry (botany); Berry; [24]; Pepo; Hesperidium; citrus; multiple fruit; Accessory fruit; Banana; Blackcurrant; Blueberry; Chili pepper; Cranberry; Eggplant; Gooseberry; Grape; Guava; Kiwifruit; Lucuma; Pomegranate; Redcurrant; Tomato; Cucumber; Gourd; Melon; Pumpkin; Grapefruit; Lemon; Lime; Orange; Blackberry; Boysenberry; Raspberry; Fig; Hedge apple; Mulberry; Pineapple; Apple; Rose hip; Stone fruit; Strawberry; cultivars; pineapples; seedless fruits; grapefruit; mandarin oranges; satsumas; table grapes; watermelons; parthenocarpy; triploids; embryonic; stenospermocarpy; [25]; mode of dispersal; explosive dehiscence; [26]; animals; cocklebur; unicorn plant; [27]; [28]; defecated; nuts; squirrels; hoard; germinate; wings; helicopter; tuliptree; evolutionary; parachutes; salsify; Coconut; nipa palm; screw pine; sandbox tree; impatiens; squirting cucumber; [29]; kiwifruit; mango; pear; watermelon; human; preserves; cakes; cookies; ice cream; muffins; yogurt; apple juice; grape juice; orange juice; alcoholic beverages; brandy; fruit beer; wine; [30]; Fruit Baskets; Fruit Bouquets; bell pepper; green bean; okra; zucchini; [31]; Olive; olive oil; black pepper; paprika; vanilla; [32]; ethylene; cold chain; [33]; fiber; vitamin C; water; [34]; [35]; [36]; food safety; CDC; food contamination; foodborne illness; [37]; [38]; [39]; Bayberry; [40]; annual honesty; cotoneaster; lotus; Ornamental trees; beautyberry; holly; pyracantha; skimmia; viburnum; [41]; opium poppy; opium; codeine; morphine; oxycodone; [42]; Osage orange; cockroaches; [43]; natural dyes; sumac; [44]; gourds; Pumpkins; Jack-o'-lanterns; Halloween; burdock; Velcro; [45]; Coir; [46]; still life; Bactrocera tyroni; [47]; Food portal; Fruit tree; Fruitarianism; List of culinary fruits; List of foods; List of fruit dishes; ^; CRC Dictionary of Agricultural Sciences; CRC Press; ISBN; 978-0-8493-2327-0; Encyclopedic Dictionary of Plant Breeding and Related Subjects; 978-1-56022-950-6; a; b; Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology; 978-0-7637-2134-3; "Sporophore from Encyclopaedia Britannica"; Archived; Supreme Court of the United States; Nix v. 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Petiole; Cataphyll; Bud; Sessility; Reproductive; Flower development; Inflorescence; Umbel; Raceme; Bract; Pedicellate; Flower; Aestivation; Whorl; Floral symmetry; Floral diagram; Floral formula; Receptacle; Hypanthium (Floral cup); Perianth; Tepal; Petal; Sepal; Sporophyll; Gynoecium; Ovary; Ovule; Stigma; Archegonium; Androecium; Stamen; Staminode; Pollen; Tapetum; Gynandrium; Gametophyte; Sporophyte; Plant embryo; Seed; Seed dispersal; Endosperm; Epicuticular wax; Plant cuticle; Epidermis; Stoma; Nectary; Trichome; Prickle; Plant physiology; Nutrition; Photosynthesis; Chlorophyll; Plant hormone; Transpiration; Turgor pressure; Bulk flow; Aleurone; Phytomelanin; Sugar; Sap; Starch; Cellulose; Secondary growth; Woody plants; Herbaceous plants; Habit; Vines; Lianas; Shrubs; Subshrubs; Trees; Succulent plants; Reproduction; Evolution; Ecology; Alternation of generations; Sporangium; Spore; Microsporangia; Microspore; Megasporangium; Megaspore; Pollination; Artificial; Pollinators; Pollen tube; 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Fish; Milk; Sugar beet; Sugar cane; Sunflower seed; Tea; Tobacco; Wine; Irrigation; Land use; List of international rankings; List of top international rankings by country; Lists by country; Veganism; vegetarianism; Animal-free agriculture; History; Juice fasting; Low-carbon diet; Raw veganism; Vegan organic gardening; Vegan studies; Vegetarianism; Economic vegetarianism; Environmental vegetarianism; Lacto vegetarianism; Orthopathy; Ovo vegetarianism; Ovo-lacto vegetarianism; Cuisine; Vegetarian Diet Pyramid; Ecofeminism; By country; Vegetarians; Vegans; Vegetarian festivals; Vegetarian organizations; Vegetarian restaurants; List of vegan media; Secular; Animal rights; Animal welfare; Carnism; Deep ecology; Ethics of eating meat; Meat paradox; Nonviolence; Sentientism; Speciesism; Tirukkural; Religious; Buddhism; Christianity; Hinduism; Sattvic; Ahimsa; Jainism; Judaism; Pythagoreanism; Rastafari; Sikhism; Agar; Agave nectar; Coconut burger; Coconut milk; Grains; cereals; Meat analogue; List of meat substitutes; Miso; Mochi; Mock duck; Nutritional yeast; Plant cream; Plant milk; Quinoa; Quorn; Seitan; Soy yogurt; Tempeh; Tofu; Tofurkey; Cheese; Vegepet; Hot dog; Vegetarian mark; Sausage; Beer; Veggie burger; Groups; events; American Vegan Society; Beauty Without Cruelty; Food Empowerment Project; Go Vegan; Movement for Compassionate Living; Our Hen House; Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; Plamil Foods; Vegan Awareness Foundation; Vegan flag; Vegan Ireland; Vegan Outreach; Vegan Prisoners Support Group; The Vegan Society; Veganuary; Veganz; World Vegan Day; Boston Vegetarian Society; Christian Vegetarian Association; European Vegetarian Union; French Vegetarian Society; Hare Krishna Food for Life; International Vegetarian Union; Jewish Veg; Meat-free days; Meatless Monday; Friday Fast; Order of the Golden Age; Swissveg; Toronto Vegetarian Association; Vegetarian Society; Vegetarian Society (Singapore); Veggie Pride; Viva! 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