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UK.Visas.Consulting +44(0)203-445-5796 - Visa to enter the United-Kingdom - The specialist agency that helps you getting all types of British visas


visasconsulting.ru, UK.Visas.Consulting +44(0)203-445-5796 - Visa to enter the United-Kingdom - The specialist agency that helps you getting all types of British visas

Адрес сайта: visasconsulting.ru

Возможный Alias: www.visasconsulting.ru

Вероятно читается как: "висасконсултинг ру"

Протокол: http://visasconsulting.ru или https://visasconsulting.ru - ещё не проверялся т.к. в работе не был

Описание: UK.Visas.Consulting is a visa agency, whose expert work is connected not only with simple british visas, as in many visa agencies, but also with complex visas such as work visas, visas after refusal, spouse visas etc.

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Наличие H1 тегов: UK.Visas.Consulting; Do you need UK visa? UK.Visas.Consulting experts will prepare all your documents and provide you with our fast and stress-free service to apply for a UK visa.; All british visas one click away!; UK visa, one of the most difficult to get; Steps to getting your British visa; Latest news; Since July 2019 you can no longer apply for UK Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa.; New process for submitting documents for fiance/spouse/unmarried partner/child of a settled person UK visas.; Why work with us?; Latest clients reviews; Best service so far I’ve received; Personnels dynamiques et professionnels.

Наличие H2 тегов: Tourist and guest; Study; Business; Familly life and settlement; Work; Dependant; Sport; Transit; Assessment of your chances; Contract and payment for our services; Preparation of documents; Complete online visa application; Visa fee payment; Final check; Visiting the visa center; First advice is for free; Experience and expertise; Confidence; Flexible prices and Offers; Ease of our service; Fast and efficient service; We speak English, French, Russian

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Анкоры текстовых ссылок: UK.Visas.Consulting; +44(0)203-445-5796; +33(0)1-88-33-85-43; +7(495)409-79-27; Telegram; WhatsApp; Viber; Skype; Our Service; About us; Few words from our director Yulia Mamonova; Steps to getting your British visa; Why work with us?; UK Visa after refusal; Remote work; Cost of all services - UK visa price for 2019; How to pay for our service?; UK Visa; Tourist visa; Guest visa; Short-term study 6 or 11 months visa; Tier4 student general or child visa; Parent of a Tier4 child visa; Business visa; EEA Family Permit; Fiance, spouse, unmarried partner, child of a settled person settlement visa; Permitted Paid Engagement visa; Tier5 Temporary Worker visa; Tier2 Work visa; Tier1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa; Tier1, Tier2, Tier4, Tier5 Dependant visa; Sports visa; Transit visa; FAQ; UK Visas news; Customer review; Contact; EN; FR; RU; Contact us; Tourist and guest For those who want to go to Great-Britain for tourism, to visit their friends and relatives. From 75 EUR; Study 6 months-, 11 months-, TIER4 student visas are needed for summer language camps, English language courses, schools, colleges, universities... From 95 EUR; Business For business trips, meet with your business partners, conduct negotiations, pass the interview, take part in conference... From 80 EUR; Familly life and settlement Fiance visa, Spouse visa, Unmarried partner visa, Dependent child of a settled person, EEA family permit, EEA2. From 145 EUR; Work Required for work in the UK. Depending on the visa, position, employer, the period of visa can vary up to 3 years and more (Permitted paid engagement, Tier5, Tier2, Tier1). From 160 EUR; Dependant Needed when you are travelling to the UK to join your spouse / partner or parent (if you are under 18 years old), who works or studies in the UK under TIER visas. From 160 EUR; Sport Required for athletes, coaches and accompanying specialists if you are planning to take part in sports events, competitions in the UK. Its minimal issuance period is 6 months. From 80 EUR; Transit Required for a transit through the UK. Depending on the period of connection, there are Direct Airside Transit for 24 hours and Visitor in Transit for 48 hours. From 60 EUR; Call us now; leave a request for a callback so we can contact you.; why choose our agency rather than another one.; Since July 2019 you can no longer apply for UK Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa. 2 September 2019 Since the 6th July 2019 you can no longer apply for UK Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa. It was replaced by UK Start-up visa. The main similarity in obtaining both two visas is that the applicant must have a unique idea for starting a business in the UK. (read more...); New process for submitting documents for fiance/spouse/unmarried partner/child of a settled person UK visas. 30 June 2019 In June 2019 TLS Contact UK visa centre and Immigration Office have made some changes in submitting supporting documents for fiance, spouse, unmarried partner, child of a settled person UK visas. (read more...); priority services of UK.Visas.Consulting and the british visa centre!; about how we work together to prepare all documents for your british visa?; Best service so far I’ve received I used Visa Consulting services many times for different types of visa, starting from tourist visa later my tier 4 study and post study visas. I was surprised that they also helped me with more difficult visa recently such as TIER 2 visa. All documents were checked properly, gilded and small details and knowledge which was provided was done on high level as a proper solicitor would advise, however there charges are much more less then lawyers even other service providers. HIGHLY RECOMENDDED! Tested many times on different and difficult visa types. Service is always prompt and professional! Marianna Kh 10 October 2018 For our service Tier2 Work visa; Personnels dynamiques et professionnels. personnels dynamiques et professionnels. Un grand Merci `a Christophe pour sa disponibilit'e et sa r'eactivit'e. Ba Amadou 20 December 2019 For our service Business visa; See more reviews; London; Paris; Moscow; Site Map; Privacy policy (in russian); UK Visa : all our services; 00442034455796

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